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The top leaders in the world of business look to the Centre for Distance Education for quality, well-trained professionals.

We help you succeed by providing a support system that is designed to help you excel.

The Faculty at CD-ED is committed to providing an excellent level of service and support to ensure your continued success. With a strong understanding of industry specific knowledge, our faculty will give you the skills and knowledge you need to start the career you have always wanted.

When you graduate from CD-ED you will have:

  • Hands-on practical experience to support you when you are in the work force
  • Specialized knowledge for specific industries
  • Confidence to perform professionally in any work environment

Medical Office Administration

You will be able to schedule appointments and computerize a medical office, prepare documentation, and manage medical records.

Legal Office Administration

A legal office administrator helps lawyers in the highly respected legal profession. Learn both the theory and practical nature of law in this comprehensive legal course.

Business Accounting

This program will teach you online bookkeeping, the computerized and manual styles of accounting, account management, and spreadsheets, making you an asset in today’s competitive job market.

General Office Administration

You will become proficient in office practices and software, enabling you to manage an office, receive visitors, build applications and write & file office correspondence.