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DArTT has been providing quality online education for over a decade. To ensure our students' success, our support system is highly tuned to help them excel and succeed.

This combined with leading edge hardware and software, as well as industry-standard training methods keep DArTT's students the most sought-after professionals by today's industry leaders.

Everyone from Admissions, Guidance, Student Services, Management and Administration strives to provide excellent service and support to our students. We strive at all times to be aware of the needs of each member of our virtual student body.

3D Game Artist

A program with a focus on the technical aspects of creating 3D game art, enabling the graduate to move directly into an entry-level 3D game artist position at any game studio.

Graphic Design

An intermediate program focusing on design and layout, logo design, typography, and color theory, with explorations into brand identity and publication design.

Web Design

This is a complete web-standards-compliant program with a focus on best practices in XHTML, CSS, Flash and design principles.

PC Maintenance & Repair

Prepare for completion of an A+ Certification. We’ll even include vouchers for writing the A+ tests! Graduates will have all of the skills required to pursue a career as a computer technician,

3D Animation

An introductory program that teaches the creation of 3D models, scenes, textures and animations through hands-on exercises and projects, with a heavy focus on portfolio development.

3D Character Animation

Advanced techniques for designing, modeling, rigging, texturing, and animating characters in a variety of styles, for film, broadcast and games.

Video Game Art & Illustration

This course covers game-related art including drawing, digital painting, storyboarding, character design, 3D lighting and rendering, and game texturing & modelling as well as digital portfolio creation.